About Taojiayue

China taojiayue chemical, owner of opticalwhitener.com. is expertise in optical brighteners over a decade. Our optical brighteners are equivalents to BASF, and Clariant, same purity, and same cas number, but more economic.  We ONLY do pure powder, no reduction, and no filler inside.

About Optical Brightener

1. Optical Brightener agent, AKA OBAs, or FWAs, are used to mask yellowing.
2. Optical Brighteners are widely used in Paper, Coating, Plastic, and Detergent Industries.
3. Main concerns of OBAs: Reduction, Light fastness, Precipitation, etc.


  1. We offer national test standards and methods (GB) for our products.
  2. Able to analyze & match your current sample
  3. We provide detailed company check reports (in which you will learn how to check Chinese companies).
  4. We offer company check service for our customers.

Taojiayue information

Guangdong Taojiayue High-tech Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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