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We, Taojiayue Chemical is an optical brightener agent factory, focused on a handful of optical brighteners that enable us somewhat scale effect.  Taojiayue AKA TJY chemical is also the owner of the website, easy to remember and we built it ourselves,  TDS/MSDS can be downloaded directly.  WhatsApp

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Company information Guangdong Taojiayue High-tech Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86-020-39009191 P/Skype/Whatsapp:+8618576344916

Room 1721, No.1 Huayao Street, Huangge Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

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We all agree the best way to develop the local market is to work with local companies. Thus, both parties benefit from it. We are open to discuss, to share and to start. Please mail at if interested. Thanks in advance.