Optical Brightener KSN

Chemical Name:


Formula C29H20N2O2 optical-brightener-ksn Hostalux KSN chemical structure
MW      442
CAS# 5242-49-9

Synonym name:

Hostalux KSN, Fluorescent Brightener 368 (FB 368) , c.i.368


Appearance Pale yellow powder
Dosage 0.01-0.05%
Melting point 269-271℃


KSN and OB-1 share a similar chemical structure, while KSN has a better whitening effect on PC and plastics than OB-1, also better compatibility than OB-1.

KSN is suitable for PA, PAN, film, injection/extraction mold whitening.

Handling and Safety: 

>For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg per fiber drum, 6*2 layer 12 drums per pallet, 5CBM per ton, or according to customers’ requirements.


Hostalux KSN, Optical Brightener KSN, CAS 5242-49-9, FBA 368 msds

Hostalux KSN, Optical Brightener KSN, CAS 5242-49-9, FBA 368 tds

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Optical brightener for plastics, cotton, detergent, paper

Product Synonyms CAS Number Features

Optical Brightener For Plastics

FP-127 Uvitex FP 40470-68-6 the best OBA for PVC products
KCB Hostalux KCB 5089-22-5 OBA for plastics and lacquer, especial for EVA
KSB Telalux KSB 7128-54-5 OBA for transparent plastics, recycled PE/PP
KSN Hostalux KSN 5242-49-9 OBA For high-temperature plastics, 100% counter
OB Uvitex OB, Tinopal OB 7128-64-5 universal plastic OBA, also for ink, coating
OB-1 Eastobrite OB-1 1533-45-5 universal plastic OBA,  green or yellow shade
PF FBA 135 1041-00-5 strong red shade

Optical Brightener For Cotton

4BK FBA 113 12768-91-1 for cotton or with fabic blend, red or blue shade
ER-I FBA 199 13001-39-3 powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, high temperature whitening
ER-II FBA 199:1 13001-38-2 powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, lower temperature whitening
EBF FBA 185 12224-41-8

Optical Brightener For Detergent

CBS-X Tinopal CBS-X 27344-41-8 for detergent, soap, washing

Optical Brightener For Paper

VBL FBA 85 12224-16-7 for paper, also for cotton, vinylon, nylon
BBU FBA 220 16470-24-9 Replace VBL